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Please do not use these numbers for making enquiries about admissions

IRIMEE is an in-service training institute of Indian Railways. Training is provided only to officers and supervisors who are employed by Indian Railways. Employment with Indian Railways is provided by various competitive examinations held by UPSC (IES, Civil Services Examinations, Special Class Railway Apprenticeship etc) and Railway Recruitment boards (located all over India). Only these places can provide details of how to seek employment with Indian Railways and the procedures involved.

Tele No.
1.रिक्तDirector General
2.P. Ravi KumarAdditional Director General
3.Anil Kumar DwivediDEAN & Sr. Professor (RST)2432949771462401srprof.rst@irimee.railnet.gov.in
4.Janardan PrasadSr. Professor (WMT)2417479771462403srprof.wmt@irimee.railnet.gov.in
5.VacantSr. Professor (Trainset)241754srprof.dt@irimee.railnet.gov.in
6.J. P. SinghProfessor (IT & EnHM)9771462402prof.it@irimee.railnet.gov.in
7.Silabhadra DasProfessor (Trainset)9771462405prof.mis@irimee.railnet.gov.in
8.Smriti RaoProfessor (RST)9771462406prof.rst@irimee.railnet.gov.in
9.Shashwat GuptaProfessor (WMT)9771462413prof.wmt@irimee.railnet.gov.in
10.Pankaj KumarProfessor (Admin)9771462415lect.diesel@irimee.railnet.gov.in
11.K. K. SharmaAsst. Professor (DT)9771462412asstprof.dt@irimee.railnet.gov.in
12.VacantAsst. Professor (EM)asstprof.met@irimee.railnet.gov.in
13.VacantAsst. Professor (C & W)asstprof.rst@irimee.railnet.gov.in
14.M. A. KhanLecturer (C & W)9771462417lect.rst@irimee.railnet.gov.in
15.Mahadeb ChandraLecturer (EM)9771462422lect.met@irimee.railnet.gov.in
16.Aswin Binoy BakhlaLecturer (WMT)9771462409lect.wmt@irimee.railnet.gov.in
17.VacantLecturer (DT)lect.diesel@irimee.railnet.gov.in
18.VacantLecturer (DTE)lect.elect@irimee.railnet.gov.in
19.Devendra KumarCI (LIB)7070897977ci.rst.3@irimee.railnet.gov.in
20.Sabyasachhi Suman CI (C & W-I)7070897975ci.rst.1@irimee.railnet.gov.in
21.Sanjay Kumar SinhaCI (DSL)7070897971ci.diesel1@irimee.railnet.gov.in
22.Mukesh KumarCI (Fuel)   &   TA to Director9771462419ci.fuel.ta@irimee.railnet.gov.in
23.Manoj Kumar SinghCI (Works)7070897972ci.works@irimee.railnet.gov.in
24.Manoranjan Kumar SinghCI (Diesel Elect.)7463842586ci.diesel.e@irimee.railnet.gov.in
25.Ramanuj RaiCI (C & W-II)7463842587ci.rst.2@irimee.railnet.gov.in
26.Pratyush AnandCI (EM-2)7635091959ci.met.1@irimee.railnet.gov.in
27.Manoj KumarCI (EM-3)7070897973ci.met.3@irimee.railnet.gov.in
28.G. K. VermaCI (Computer)9852532081ci.computer@irimee.railnet.gov.in
29.K. S. JhaCI (Elect.)7070897976ci.elect@irimee.railnet.gov.in

Contact Details

Postal AddressOffice of DG, IRIMEE, Workshop Road, East Colony, Jamalpur - 811214

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