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IRIMEE Building
Built in the first decade of 20th century, the original two-storey building of IRIMEE was destroyed in a major earthquake in 1921. It was redesigned and reconstructed in 1924. The building encloses several beautifully landscaped gardens in quadrangles.

IRIMEE has eight classrooms, four of which are air-conditioned. The classrooms are equipped with Overhead & LCD Projectors with computers connected to the Internet through a LAN.

Computer Network
IRIMEE has a campus wide network of over 100 computers (P-III and P-IV) connected by a fibre optic network. A new CAD/CAM lab is also being set up. IRIMEE has a high speed 2 Mbps leased line internet connectivity.

Auditorium and Conference Hall
The Auditorium can seat 500 and is used frequently for seminars, workshops and other functions. IRIMEE has a magnificent conference hall which is most commonly used for Faculty Meetings.

Laboratories & Model Rooms
The theoretical and practical training of engineering students, officers and supervisors requires several Laboratories and Model rooms. The following are the laboratories in IRIMEE -
  • Mechanics & Kinematics Lab
  • Electrical & Electronics Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab
  • Bio-diesel Lab
  • Fuel cell Lab
  • Carriage & Wagon Technology Lab
  • LHB Coach Lab
  • Air brake Lab
  • Crane Lab
  • ALCO Diesel Loco Lab
  • EMD Diesel Loco Lab
  • Diesel-Hydraulic Loco Lab
  • Computer Lab (Engineering Student Trainees)
  • Computer Lab (officer Trainees)
  • CAD/CAM Lab (being set up)
IRIMEE has excellent residential facilities for trainees. There are 3 hostels for the trainees:-

Yantrik Niwas boasts of a Reading-and-Magazine Room, a Pool Table, a Multi-gym, Table-tennis table, apart from a music system in very room and common TV with VCD Player. It has 19 double-bed rooms and one VIP room. There is a Cyber Room with seven computers with lease line internet connectivity. The hostel also has a Golf Set for trainees.

SGH (Gymkhana) has 1 VIP room, 13 double-bed Guest Rooms, and 56 rooms for long-term trainees i.e. Special Class Railway Apprentices. On recreation front, it has a TV-VCP room, a table-tennis room, a Cyber Room with seven computers with lease line internet connectivity. It also has a football-hockey field, a volley-ball court, a basketball court, an indoor Badminton court, a squash court, a swimming pool and Multi-gym, a Billiards table, music system, bridge-tables etc. The hostel also has a common Golf Set for the trainees.

Queens Road Hostel - For Supervisory Trainees. The hostel has a recreation room with TV, magazines, Carrom Board etc. The trainees are accommodated in four-bed dormitories.

All the three hostels are beautifully landscaped with plush lawns and flower gardens.

IRIMEE Vehicles for trainees
IRIMEE has three vehicles for trainees: -
  • Tata Sumo no. BR-08P 0080
  • Hired Vehicle (Mahindra Scorpio no. BR-08P 0236)
  • Swaraj Mazda Minibus

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